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Understand Why Your Dog Is Barking Too Much Then You Can Change It

Small pet dogs are becoming more popular these days than bigger dog breeds. This is especially more prevalent in big cities where there is limited space to live and no space for large dogs to run freely. Small pet dogs are easier to take care of than larger dogs if you live in a small apartment because they don’t require that much space to roam. Bigger dogs aren’t too happy being cooped up in a small condo for most of the day and you’d have to take them out on walks once or twice a day to get some exercise.

small dog breedsThe Bichon Frise is playful, yet extremely gentle. The Bichon is quite happy with humans and other dogs. If there is no fenced yard available for your use, a daily walk about the neighborhood and some indoor games will satisfy the Bichon’s need for exercise. Several Complete Small Dog Breed List list are yappy, but not the Bichon. You will need to groom the dog daily to prevent the hair from matting. Be sure to be patient during training. They prefer an owner who is at home with them a great part of the day.

Poodle – Often used in dog shows, the Poodle is probably the breed with the most elegance. While their coat may require regular, professional grooming to keep their high-class look, they do not shed as much as many other small dog breeds list breeds. The Poodle, much like the Yorkie, is a very intelligent dog often used in circuses around the globe.

As we already said before, most miniature dog breeds just need the occasional brush from time to time. Larger dogs with longer coats have to be brushed more often and leave a lot more mess behind than small dog breeds pictures dogs. It’s also easier to bath them and to keep them clean in general.

In 2011, Yorkshire Terriers, or “Yorkies”, were the fifth most registered dog breed in the United States. Because of this, it’s safe to say they are one of the most popular breeds with minimal shedding.

Being in firm control of your pug will come in quite handy when it is time to start potty training. This is yet another area where their stubbornness leads to issues. The standard dog will be potty trained within a month or month and a half expect to spend at least double that amount of time training your pug puppy!

French Bulldog- ‘Frenchies’ might be a medium dog, but only by weight. They have bat ears and clownish, expressive faces. Playful and affectionate, they make good companions. They are good with other pets, but not always with other dogs, and typically not good for small children. Frenchies need minimal grooming, but can be prone to drooling. They are good watchdogs, and don’t like exercising in high heat.